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Work with Our Immigration Specialists

Give yourself the best chance of obtaining your visa by working with Mutebuka & Co Immigration Lawyers. Working with people across the UK, our experienced lawyers offer immigration advice and representation. Using their knowledge and expertise, our team specialise in the following areas:

  • All points-based applications – tiers 1, 2, 4, and 5.
  • Switching from one category to another, including from work permit to tier-based employment.
  • Services for UK businesses, including obtaining certificates of sponsorship.
  • EU/EEA residents permits, including applications for registration certificates and residence cards (EEA applications).
  • Applications under the Worker Registration Scheme.
  • Association agreements (Ankara Agreement).
  • Work permits applications for Bulgarian and Romanian nationals.
  • Domestic workers applications.
  • Entry clearance applications for family members, including spouses, children, and other dependants.
  • Marriage applications for fiancées, spouses, and unmarried partners.
  • Applications for certificate of approval.
  • Leave to enter or remain in order to exercise rights to access a child.
  • Visa applications, including business, family, student, and special visitors.
  • Applications for settlement/permanent residence.
  • Domestic violence cases.
  • Asylum applications and appeals.
  • Human rights applications and applications for humanitarian protection and discretionary leave.
  • Detention advice, bail applications, and deportations and removals.
  • Fresh asylum claims.
  • Complex cases and applications outside the rules.
  • British citizenship and nationality applications and legacy cases.
  • Long residence, including 10 years’ lawful residence and 14 years’ unlawful residence.
  • UK ancestry visas.
  • Initial work on judicial reviews, including drafting and preparing letter before action and pre-action protocol.

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