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Q) My immigration application was refused a long time ago. I did not do anything about it because I was too afraid and I did not know who to turn to for help. I now have a partner who has got entitlement to live in the UK. We have been living together for the past 4 years and we have got two children together. Is there anything I can do to regularise my status?

A) Yes, there is. You could make an application to remain in the UK based on your family life with your partner and children. This can only succeed in certain, limited circumstances. Contact us to further discuss the law relating to this and how we can help you.

Q) I am an overstayer and have been in the UK for many years. Is it too late for me to claim asylum?

A) It’s never too late for you to claim asylum. Essentially, what counts is whether or not you have got good grounds to do so and have got a fear of return to your country of origin at the time of the asylum claim. Contact us to discuss the law relating to this.

Q) I am a failed asylum seeker. My asylum claim was refused a long time ago and I exhausted all my appeal rights. I have been avoiding the authorities since my case was dismissed. Is it possible to make a fresh claim?

A) This is possible in circumstances that are clearly defined by the law. You have to have new evidence, which was not previously considered in your initial claim, and this must meet a certain test. Contact us to find out more about the law relating to this.

Q) I was granted indefinite leave to remain on an exceptional basis outside of the immigration rules. This was done under the legacy scheme after I had waited for a decision on my case for a very long time. Is it possible for me to apply for naturalisation early for the time that I was waiting for my decision to be considered?

A) This is currently possible under a policy/concession made by the Home Office. Contact us to further discuss the law relating to this and how we can help you.

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